Earth Hour, A Real Action for Earth

Saturday, March 28th 2009

2030 – 21.30 pm

Lets turn off the electric in our house at the time above

Just one hour, for our earth, for our next generation

Make it be success

Everyone can make a change. Don’t wait other people start it, lets do what you can do now! Together around the world in 35 countries, 26 big cities, 370 cities and more than 10 million citizens do a fine movement. What is it?

At that night, together they turn off the electric for about one hour, one hour only, at 20.30-21.30 pm (local meantime). This movement is known as Earth Hour.

Actually, earth hour was started since 2007 from the simple question, How do we inspire peoples to make a real way against the climate change.? The answer is ask the Sidney citizen to turn off their electric for about one hour. The result, at March 31 2007, 2.2 millions citizens and 2100 bussinessman in Sidney take a part in that action. The electric was turned off for about one hour, known as earth hour. If reduction of glass house effect was reached in Sidney can be kept for about one year, it is similar with vanishing 48.616 cars from the street for one year.

Merge of many countries in this movement in this year must beable to get more big effect. Executive director of Earth Hour said, “Earth hour involve every people and every organization, since an individual until an enterprise, fuse together, share the problems that is faced-climate change. Government and companies take apart individually, groups of religions, schools and communities collect together in one aim, Make a change for a something better. It is wonderful to see many support from arroud the world.”

When the electric is turned off in house to house, city to city, when the darkness knocks down, our voices will be heard by the peoples have careness.

How is it false?

What for do we take apart in this action? Is it true that it can make a change? If you don’t sure this action will make a change, at least be certain, you are helping the astronauts are celebrating National Dark Sky Week (NDSW). This action will reduce the light pollution and it will for a week only. Won’t there be participate? The prime aim of NDSW is establish the awareness of the light pollution effect. It is not easy to reduce the light pollution around the world, but same with Earth Hour, we all can make a change. And if you all can take apart, believe it, the beautiful of sky is decorated by stars shining will be enjoyed. Although it is just a moment, but it can make the earth breath free.

This program will be held on 20.30-21.30 pm, Saturday, March 28th 2009. All supporters of this program will be turned off all the electric equipment.

Why should we participate?

Actually no one say that everyone must participate, but now we can see the fact that our earth is in the float of dissolvedness. So we must do something to prohibit it. So, whet the advantages for us? First, I also think like it. But then I think it is not false if I turn off the electric for one hour only. Not watching TV for one hour only, not playing game for one hour only, not turn on the air conditioner for one hour only, not turn on the refrigerator for one hour only, not turn on my laptop for one hour only, not playing music in my IPod for one hour only. So, don’t wait again. Do it now! Do it for our earth, for our next generation. Make it be success.